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Reposting a Paid Posting

Reposting is an option for paid postings only. 

You must log in with your account email address to repost. 

From your account page you can click the "repost" link beside your paid posting title. A copy of your existing posting will be generated.

Reposting does not change the placement of your original posting on the craigslist site.

There are no free reposts for paid postings. A repost is a new posting and must be paid for.

Reposts always post to the same geographic location as the original posting. The craigslist site cannot be changed when reposting. If you wish to post to a different location, you must recreate your posting from the beginning.

You will be prompted for payment after confirming all parts of the posting.


editing a posting  |  deleting or undeleting a posting  |  renewing  |  reposting