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Images are added after confirming a map location. Adding images is optional and not available in all posting types.

1. Click the "add images" button or drag an image onto the page to upload an image file.

2. While an image is uploading, a thumbnail with a red progress bar will display.

3. Once an image is finished uploading, it will display on the page.  

 A red "x" will show in the top right corner. To delete an image, click the red "x".

The "featured Image" will be the first image displayed - when viewing craigslist on a desktop browser it is the image in the top left corner. This will be the image shown when users browse the site or open a posting.

Clicking and dragging images will change the order in which they are displayed.

4. After uploading and organizing images, click "done with images" to proceed.


If you are having trouble uploading images, please try resizing your image, using a .jpg filetype, and making sure that you have a strong connection to the internet.


location  |  type  |  category  |  attributes  |  contact information  |  map  |  images