How to submit a paid posting (a fee is required in some categories/areas)

Note - if you post using a craigslist account, go to your account homepage. On the far right side of the page, select an area, click "go", then follow the steps below starting with step 3.

 1. Visit your local craigslist homepage, at The example below is for the SF Bay Area.

Sub area tabs for sfbay.

2. Choose "post to classifieds" in the top-left corner.

Post to classifieds link.

3. Select the appropriate type of posting (e.g. job offered).

Posting type selection page.

4. Choose a category (or multiple categories in the case of job postings).

Paid job category selection page.


5. Create a title and job description for your posting.

Paid job posting description edit page.

6. When you are done writing your post, click "continue" at the bottom of the screen:

Continue button.

Confirm and submit

7. The first part of the confirmation page displays your area, the categories you selected, and total fee.

Paid post preview price summary.

8. The second part of the confirmation page displays your title, description, and images (if any).

Paid post preview page.

9. You will now need to confirm your posting via email.

Further action required prompt.

10. Open the email from craigslist, and click the confirmation link.

Confirmation email.

11. Choose your payment method.

Payment method selection page.

12. Enter your payment information.

Billing information form page.

Your post is fully submitted when your payment information is accepted.

Final posting confirmation message.

Need to edit or delete your post?