Originally Posted: 2008-02-15 13:21 (no longer live)

Museum Quality Microwave

Enjoy the waves from this antique unit! Maybe you have a museum? Maybe you are just crazy and have to have this. Circa 1979, this piece features NO PUSHBUTTON pad. That's right, there is a dial you turn!
Special to this one: Timer sticks on 30 seconds and justs keeps on cookin'.... great for burning popcorn. The neighbors will think you have a meth lab or something! It will continue counting down if you flick the panel a little. Also unique to this one:also smells a lot like burnt popcorn. U Want It? just email.... p.s. It is designed to plug into a regular oven, so it does not have an ordinary plug. It has a rectangular plug that is more of a connector. This just keeps getting better.....

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