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Death Chair

This is the sickest chair in the world!

Up for grabs is the "Death Chair". When dragged behind an ATV, truck, snowmobile, boat, or just freestyle down a steep grade, it is guaranteed to maim, mangle, mutilate, and potentially dismember the rider.

The chair is surprisingly comfortable despite looking like it should be used as a torture devise. This is the pro model with the short base; however, it is easy to ride due to weight distribution of the extreme layback seat. It even has a custom inscription across the footrest. Just check out the pictures.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's new gig of crushing things with his tank doesn't hold a candle to what the Death Chair can do. Get some mad props from your bros when successfully mastering the chair without dying. The chicks will dig it too. If you get hurt, then you can score the sympathy sex. Yes, you know you want it! You think that Arnie is going to get sympathy sex for crushing bubble wrap with his tank??? NOPE! This thing is so sick; anything you do with it will create instant fame on YouTube. You will go down in history as that guy that rode the Death Chair.

Be sure to tag your awesome mayhem videos with "Death Chair" so that I and all of your fans can find and subscribe to them. Thanks bro! WooooooHooooooo!

What Do I want for the Death Chair?
While you are at Walgreens getting your tetanus shot, just pick up me a 12 pack of ice-cold Bud Light. If you are too young to buy beer, then let me know what else you have to trade.

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