Originally Posted: 2003-02-26 1:55pm
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Everytime I post one of these I get flooded with 30yrold+ men with steady jobs. I am 24 going on 16 and well on my way to getting fired for ircing all day. I want a fellow slacker who rarely leaves his bedroom, but who is also willing to break into abandoned warehouses with me at 3am on a Tuesday. I like scrawny geekboys between 21-27 that I can toss across the room. If you exercise in any regular way, we aren't going to work out, trust me. I have two cats named awk and grep. If you don't get the joke, don't reply. If you do get the joke, note that I am fucking hilarious.

I have decided to include a jpg. This means you should include a jpg too. I will likely not respond to you at all, since I am mainly doing this for the entertainment of my friends, but hey, if you are really amusing, you never know. I like making out with cute boys just as much as the next girl.

I like computers. No really, I like computers a LOT. In fact I would venture to say that prefer my computer to "real life". So a boy who is going to get jealous because I ignore him most of the time in favor of my "online friends" (where online == pathetic and friends == losers) is not what I am looking for. If you think you have any chance of ever saying "Why are you always online when I come over" or anything of that ilk, don't even waste my time.

Every personal ad response includes the same drivel. I don't need to know that you rock climb (what fucking yuppie in SF doesn't these days?) or that you like going out to d&b clubs or a list of your favorite bands. I don't really care. Instead, tell me three embarassing facts about yourself that you would normally wait until the third or fifth date to spill, and one horrid shameful incident from your childhood.

I am not the kind of girl you take home to show mom. I am short, sarcastic, brutally cynical, and enjoy laughing at the misfortune of others. I tend to dress like a cross between a candyraver, a goth, and a preschooler on lsd. If you call me a graver I will kick your fucking teeth in. By day I am a web developer (except I am still employed BWAHAHAHHA) and by night I break into abandoned buildings. Although sometimes I like a relaxing evening of sitting on my computer and ignoring you completely (where sometimes == 5 nights a week) My hobbies include photography, irc, and making boys cry. Turnons: glasses, boys who actually know their way around a computer, robotics, and fluent aolspeak. Turnoffs: computer illiterates, REM (the band), and consent.

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