Originally Posted: 2003-01-19 11:00pm

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Meet Michael. An ordinary guy who has always struggled to make ends meet, a humble web-construction-worker by trade. Out of the blue, he finds himself the benficiary of a sizable inheritance: checks start flying through his mail slot every week to the tune of $370.00 (!), courtesy of the California Employment Development Department (EDD).

Twenty gorgeous women will volunteer to be whisked away to an enchanted studio apartment to compete for the affection of Michael, the prince of a woman's most mediocre fantasies. Who will be the lucky princess? And what will be her reaction when she finds out that technically, as a self-employed contractor, Michael was never even eligible for EDD checks and has in fact just been running up his Mastercard? Will she stay true to her love, or confess to being a shallow bronze-digger?

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