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>Can I sue for an engagement ring? My ex-fiancee took my ring without my permission because I broke it off with him. I feel as though it's a gift he gave to me so it is mine. Is it worth suing over? Can I legally sue him for the value of it?

Yes, you can sue him. Since the value of the ring probably exceeds the small claims limit, you will need an attorney to file the lawsuit.

Then you will need to subpoena your ex's records in order to present evidence of the actual price of the ring.

Next your attorney will have to take depositions from your ex, you, any witnesses to your engagement, and the jewelry store clerk.

Then you will get a court date approximately 9-12 months later.

At trial you will then need to explain to the court how you have the outrageous, materialistic, money-grubbing gall to try to keep this symbol of his LOVE which YOU rejected!

Your ex will take the stand and reveal all your personal secrets, and disclose the fact that having sex with you was about as fun as penetrating a jack-o-lantern.

You will be publicly castigated, abrogated, and humiliated in front of the entire court, and your shame will be forever preserved in written form in public records.

Because our legal system is dominated by morons, the court will rule in your favor and award you a few thousand dollars. Your attorney will subtract his/her expenses and then take 40% of the balance.

The TV media will pick up on the case and you will find yourself becoming a pariah, unable to get so much as the time of day from another man for the rest of your life. Your employer will then fire you for lacking character

Your loneliness and poverty will lead you to become an adult film actress specializing in lesbian bondage and bestiality films. You will make very little money and acquire several canine STDs.

Your father will discover your new career during one of his late-night porn-surfing forays and promptly write you out of his will.

You will die a lonely premature death before descending to the deepest crevasse of hell for your heartless greed.

So yes, you can sue your ex and you will probably win. Think it's worth it?

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