Originally Posted: 2004-10-28 2:11pm

favorite this post FREE STUFF! They call it "Eviciton" But We Prefer "Moving Really Fast"

Satruday October 30th 10am-3PM Everything must go multiple person/squatter moving sale.

(let’s face it folks, if you can’t make it between 10 and 3 on Saturday, just come buy at sundown because all this shit will be in our trash cans...the blue ones)

For PICTURES just close your eyes and imagine…that’s it...wow, a microwave.

2410 Warren LANE Walnut Creek 94597. (Off San Luis, last house on the left)

Admission FREE, FREE parking (A zero dollar value)

All ages, no drink minimum. FREE beer while supplies last! (I have one left)

This is a partial list from memory- Our garage is filled with stuff from 4-5 people so you never know what/who we/you may find for sale in there. (All electronic items work well)

FREE “bench press” style weight bench w/ bar and plates. (When you see me, you’ll know that it hasn’t been used much; the last gym I was into moved to Florida)

HP Laser Printer w/ paper (Wow, paper!) $50

Yamaha 5 disc CD player w/ matching receiver
w/ remote and cool Altec mini speakers $30

Yamaha Computer Speakers $10

Altec Lansing Computer Speakers $10

Sharp Microwave w/ rotating plate (great for cooking pop corn) $20

Kick ass hammock with stand and pillow (perfect for laying out in the rain) $100

Charcoal BBQ w/ wheels rectangular w/ shelves and hanging hooks $20
(I got it for free from a friend but you pay $20 because you don’t know them)

Nice champagne glasses (Works for beer too!)

Cuisinart pots and pans (Hardly used, see “microwave”)

Kitchen utensils (Can you ever really have enough bottle openers?)

Nice sets of plates, bowls, and baskets (WTF am I doing with baskets?!?)

Cool colorful “trendy” throw pillows
(Perfect name because we will “throw” them away if no one buys them)

NEW unused portable plastic dog kennel (Good for small to med sized dog or drunk human)

Autographed NEW copies of the CD, “Why on Earth” by the awesome band Lullaby Crush $12

Books (For you “readers” out there; hey no one likes a show off)

Toys (not that kind!) (1)Star Wars and (1) Toy Story figure.

Clothes (Silly Halloween clothes as well- 70’s stuff)

Wood top kitchen table w/ 2 nice chairs that don’t match the table at all.

And much much more that I cannot and will not ever remember.

Thanks for reading!

Ps- Come and pet my dog for free. Her breath stinks to high heaven but she is super sweet.

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