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Originally Posted: 2004-07-01 00:16

I don't kick puppies!

1. Abstract.

Date me.

2. Introduction.

Hi, my name is __________.

2.1. Appearance.

I am about 6 feet tall (although I was recently made aware that I might only be 5'11 and a half). I have blonde hair, and my eyes are either blue or grey.

I weigh approximately 175 pounds (subject to g = 9.8 m/ss), and am neither a dragon nor a pinata.


2.2. Personality and Stuff.

I am a computer nerd with interests in art, philosophy, music, and world domination.

I am good at the things I do, and always try to make myself better. I am curious, intelligent, and like ice cream. Especially coffee ice-cream.

2.3. Things I Do and Don't.

Sometimes I read. Sometimes I draw. Sometimes I practice beating people up. And sometimes I play board games. Lately, I've been learning to ballroom dance. (Along with every other guy in the Bay Area).


I don't drink or smoke. Smoking is icky, and drinking always feels like cheating. Unless it's yummy, in which case I will occasionally ask you to let me have a taste. Also, I don't kick puppies.


3. Hypothesis.

You want me.

4. Experiment.

4.1. Materials.

I am attracted to all sorts of girls, and prefer intelligence and sense of humor over bust size. I want someone who is confident about the stuff she knows, and interested in the things she doesn't. You should like words, science, and video games. But you shouldn't be ugly either. Or male. Or a zombie dragon, powerful in life, unstoppable in death.

4.2. Procedure.


4.3. Things We Can Do Together.

We can go sailing, or hiking, or play tennis. Or you can tell me about some really good play/band/stripper which we go see. Or we can just meet up for coffee. Or better yet, coffee ice-cream.

5. Conclusion.

Stick figures are fun. You should email me. I like ice-cream.

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