Originally Posted: 2002-01-17 22:07

i have many brains, they think all at same time

I like you. I give you resume. Me talented person, management experience. Counting things, inventory. Control, yes, inventory control. I control it with great squeeze, manly squeeze. Inventory run away squeaking after how I control it. All inventory know how big man I am. I train students with no past experience in glory of design, project management. I teach willing grasshoppers use of programs. I coordinate in single bound, leap over feats of organization with encompassing gaze. I solidify all; all coalesce into shining units of genius under my power. All organized. All little parts counted for. All run smoothly.
I cheerful, chipper, orderly. Yes, everything run smoothly. I workhorse, stolid, superhuman. I have many brains, all work at same time. I genius at these things. I sit at reception desk, greet lawyers, clients. I peck away at keyboard sending seething rays of data into file management programs. I beautiful admin goddess. Epiphanies of organization, files leap into my hands and beg to be made sense of. Paper likes me. You want me.

You look at resume, I send you. You like. Speak soon. I like you.

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