Originally Posted: 2003-08-06 9:47am
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I am now calling to all gay men for employment as a girlfriend or potential wife. My employment would be ideal for a gay man who is: trying to pacify family wishes, looking to become an American citizen, or whatever your personal situation is.

I have job requirements:

a) You must in fact be a gay male.
This means no pseudo gay men trying to get me in the sack or just looking for a wife to marry and become a baby making machine.
b) You must be someone that I would believably date/marry.
This means that you must be attractive or intelligent, hopefully both. You also must be in your twenties or early thirties because again this is supposed to be seemingly realistic. This makes any green card situation less suspicious.

Lastly, I must state that there are fees involved. They are negotiable in relation to your situation and income. If it is for short-term employment like casual dating, work related events, or just random phone calls when you are at your parents house, I will charge you on a per call or date basis. If it is long-term employment, like marriage, engagement, woman behind the man political positions, or an LTR, than there will be a base charge and a month to month ongoing payment until services are no longer needed. In live-in situations, I also offer my cleaning and cooking services for an additional charge; however, please note that I don’t clean bathrooms, they disgust me.

We can also negotiate the relationship with your boyfriend. He can employ me as a good friend, cousin, or sister so that during family events or other functions you can be together without any anxiety. Again, there would be addition charges for triangle type situations.

Again, I am negotiable so I will not list specific prices. All employers must sign a contract stating agreement to the above mentioned and to the negated price package. I too will sign an agreement to maintain your confidentiality. Please contact me if my services are of interest to you. This is serious, so only email me if you are too.

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