Originally Posted: 2001-07-19 17:07

$2200 - Puppy Tasked with Finding Home for Mom and Dad

Hello. My name is Sprocket. I'm a puppy who's two and a half years old. I've been asked to help my mom and dad find a place to live in the Bay Area. They're young, quiet, and coming from Des Moines, Iowa! Dad told me that he'd love to live somewhere close to where he works (Tech TV at 650 Townsend), and would prefer a place with broadband connectivity. Mom isn't as picky; she'd like a place to park her car and possibly a yard or nearby park. She's budget conscious and knows we can't be spending much more than ~$2300 per month.

Me? I'm a nice dog; I don't bark (much) and I'm friendly to everyone I meet. I just need a nice window... a couple of bedrooms... a non-smoking environment. Apartment? Condo? Something with a roof? Somewhere in Potrero Hill would be wonderful, although I'd be open to just about anything at this point. Possibly Inner Sunset? Brisbane? South San Francisco? The Embarcadero may not be too bad, I suppose. Somewhere relatively safe would be great.

Contact my dad, Chris Pirillo, by e-mailing him (look in the header). He'd love to see any digital pictures you may have of the property! If you'd rather call, his number is 1.888.472.0604. He's living (temporarily) just south of The City. Mommy (Gretchen) will be arriving in the middle September, so we should have something by then.




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