Originally Posted: 2004-05-28 11:07

WORST morning ever

So I woke up late yesterday. The day went downhill from there.

I have to get up at 5am to be at work in a timely manner but when I rolled over, blissfully savoring my languid sleepy feeling, it suddenly hit me that my bedroom was terribly bright. Thats when the rush began.

Bad enough I was up late but did I have to forget to put on mascara?

I get to work and everyone's staring at me. I assume it's because I'm so late but then I remember the awful discovery I made as I checked my hair in my review mirror just before the mad dash into the office: I'd forgotten my mascara. Ah well, the stares make perfect sense then, right? Because a woman will full make-up MINUS mascara is quite an odd sight.

Off to my desk where I, ever the girlscout, keep an "emergency" bag which I happen to know has a fresh tube of mascara inside. Repair is completed and I'm ready for my day.

Or so I thought.

About this time my boss walks towards my desk with a stack of paperwork that (of course) needs to be done last week. He stops short at the sight of me. I smile pleasantly, nodding at the papers and asking if those are for me. He turns abruptly and asks to see me in his office.


Off to the office I go, feeling exactly the same way I did when Teacher sent me to the Principal's office in 3rd grade for illustrating, quite vividly, what natural childbirth looks like. That hard hot rock of dread has formed in my stomach, but I march on. Ever the brave soldier, I am.

Once in the office he closes the door and instructs me to turn around where I'm confronted with his full length mirror, the one he straightens his tie in before every meeting.

I'm in my slip. That's right, my slip. I not only forgot to put on mascara, in my haste I'd also managed to forget MY SKIRT.

And I thought that guy at the coffee shop was flirting because I was CUTE.

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