Originally Posted: 2005-11-17 12:33 (no longer live)

RAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baby, looking around at others in my life, listening to the mumbles around the water cooler, reading the poor R&R's about torn love, I just wanted to thank you for being you.

For making me laugh when I have a hard day, & not telling me how to solve my problems, but just listening to them.

Thanks for never disrespecting me in front of the guys.

And for letting me have my motorcycle as long as you get to ride it with me now & again.

Thanks for not being sooo into your looks, that you order salad every meal, but thanks for staying in shape & looking great when we go out.

Thank you for your unbending backbone of morals that made us both wait until our wedding night for sex, I have never had a more spectacular or giving lover.

Thank you for not falling into the trap of thinking that tons of eye shadow, huge fake boobs (yuck), kissing other girls, or wearing revealing clothes is what makes a woman appealing.

Thank you that your natural beauty inside & out makes you the ultra feminine beauty you are.

Thanks for not burning EVERY dish, thanks for trying, & thanks for taking ME out to dinner when the smoke alarm goes off.

Thanks for gently laying your hand on my leg under the table of the lunch meeting we had with that realtor when we got nervous about negotiating. You are my rock.

Thanks for not looking at Brett's Corvette with that gleam of envy I see in other womens eyes.

Thanks for never obviously checking out my older & much more handsome brother.

Thanks for telling me when Austin hit on you, it was brave & I'm glad that jerk is out of our lives.

Thanks for doing the chores I hate because I do the ones you hate.

Thank you for letting me be a man to you. For letting me teach you how to shoot a gun, clean a fish, & change a tire in case I'm not there.

Thank you for teaching me that being devoted to you meant happiness, not a chokehold.

Thanks for the attention & affection you show me in public, you do it in such a soft way, but somehow it makes me feel more like a man.

Thanks for understanding why sometimes I just need guy time & thanks for not making a big deal about it when I stay out late.

Thanks for the time at work when all the guys were talking about who had a cheating spouse, that Bob said to me, "Sam you're a lucky bastard. Your wife wouldn't cheat on you if you were dead. I've seen the way she looks at you, she's still in love." I blushed in front of the guys & didn't even care.

Thanks for working hard when I got laid off, & not complaining, even though you KNEW for that first week I just moped & watched TV instead of looking for work right away.

You are my superwoman, my friend, my lover, & I never want another. You made me wait to get to know you, get close to you, & make love to you. After being married 14 years, nothing has changed.

Thank you most of all, for keeping your promises to me. Among many other things, you promised to be honest & do whatever you needed to make us happy & make us work, & it looks like we have both enjoyed the fruit of our promises to each other.

I love you alone.


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