Originally Posted: 2009-10-24 10:04

All I ever wanted was to be woken up by your car alarm.

No really, the sound of your car alarm going off six..sometimes seven times a day is truly a comforting sound. I especially like when it goes off at 1:00am...and then again at 5:00am. THANK YOU so much! Usually after the worst day of my life, it's the first and only sound that I want to hear. I shouldn't be sleeping anyways as we all know that sleep is for the weak.

My cat would also like to thank you. As if having his entire life uprooted and moved to a strange new place isn't traumatizing enough, he gets to listen to the piercing sound of your pride and joy telling the world that the wind has blown. It's alright though, since you've got me up so early, I have plenty of time to try to coax him out from underneath the bed before I leave for work to experience the next worst day of my life.

I understand that protecting your belongings is important to you, but you're the fucking rudest person I've never met. If you don't fix that shit I'm going to do enough damage to get at least a full month of peace and quiet while it's in the shop.

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