what's new

There are always changes and improvements happening. Here are a few you may have noticed.


upload images from your phone

When creating a posting, scan the QR code that appears during the posting process to add images directly from your phone or other mobile device.


re-use data from previous posting

Saves time on multiple postings by letting you re-use data like location and contact info from your previous posting when creating a new one.


"more results in" links

The search page now includes links to other categories that contain results for your search. This can help you find results in often-overlooked categories such as collectibles, free stuff, and garage sales, or in others that you might not have considered.


home page icons

The add posting, my account, and favorites links on the homepage have moved from text links on the left to icons across the top of the page.


filter buttons

Buttons across the top of the search page (like these, for apartments) make it easier to filter your results and to see what filters you have selected.

preview mode

Choose "preview" in the search results page to view the list of results and the full posting side-by-side in the same screen.

1000-mile radius searches

Choose a search location that covers half the USA. Great for searches for rare items. As always, exercise care when doing business with others out of your area. 

search result sorting

You can now sort by oldest (not just newest).

Also, it was difficult to understand the difference between sort-by price↑ vs price↓, so those options now display as $$$→$ and $→$$$, respectively.

price bar chart

Use the new bar chart to see the range of prices and average price for items in your search. Click and drag to select a range or type in the min/max fields.

search tips

Hover over the search field then click the info button for tips on how to search with wildcards and groups, to exclude terms from your results, and more.