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Q: What are saved searches?
A: Search links stored to your CL account, where you can view, sort, rename, and follow them.

Q: How do I create saved searches?
A: Perform a search.  Click on the "save search" link near the top right of the results page.

Q: How can I edit my Saved Search?
A: Follow a saved search link, update the search parameters, create a new saved search, delete the old one.

Q: How do I view all my saved searches?
A: Log in to your CL account and click on the "searches" tab.

Q: How do I sort my saved searches by hit count or any other attribute?
A: Click an attribute column header to sort by that attribute.  Clicking again reverses sort order.

Q: How can I delete Saved Searches I don't want anymore?
A: Click on "delete" in the right hand column for the search row you wish to delete.

Q: What are Search Alerts?
A: Search Alerts are Saved Searches that email you when new results match the search.

Q: How do I create a new Search Alert?
A: Create a saved search.  Locate it on your account page and check the box in the alert column.

Q: When will my Search Alert email me?
A: A welcome email is sent for each new alert. Search results then arrive according to schedule.

Q: How are Search Alert emails scheduled?
A: Based on the number of results in the last alert. The fewer the results the more frequent the search.

Q: How can I make my Search Alert run more often?
A: Be more specific.  An alert for a 2012 honda civic runs more often than an alert for all cars for sale.

Q: Is my Search Alert missing items?
A: Search Alerts display a maximum of 20 results.  Click on "View all the results" link to show all. Search alert emails display most recent results first -- even if the saved search specifies a different sort order.

Q: Why am I seeing posts created a long time ago in my Search Alert?
A: Search alerts include renewed, reposted, and edited posts if they now match the saved search criteria.

Q: How can I remove/disable/unsubscribe a Search Alert?
A: Click "Unsubscribe from this alert" in the search alert email. You can also un-check the box in the alert column on your account searches tab.

Q: How can I remove a Search Alert from my account searches page?
A: Delete the Saved Search.  This also deactivates the search alert, if applicable.

Q:  Can my search alert contain the "&" symbol?
A:  Your search alert should not contain the "&" symbol, if it does, only text before the "&" symbol will show in the saved search results.