from People Magazine, May 10, 2004

Need a plumber? A shrink? A Saturday night date? Millions are Finding it on craigslist
by Richard Jerome, Strawberry Saroyan

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[Picture with caption, "Craig Newmark (in San Francisco) added a barter section to his site"]

"I need a wife," begins one candid personal ad. Others troll for jobs and apartments. One guy wants a stooge to take the CPA ethics test for him. Welcome to the eclectic world of the daddy of online community bulletin boards: craigslist-irreverent cyber-classifieds that attract millions of viewers in 35 cities. "Craig" is Craig Newmark, 51, a self-styled computer nerd who one day in 1995 innocently sent out e-mails about upcoming events in San Francisco to a bunch of friends. "People started sending me more stuff to put on the list, and more people asked to be added to it," he says. Newmark charges only job posters in the Bay Area to make a living and pay his staff of 14. The rest post for free. "Everyone else can make as much as they want," he says. "But nerd values suggest you live comfortably -- then try to change the world."