from The Sun (UK), October 23, 2003

Get yourself a blindm@te
By Sinead Desmond

THOUSANDS of randy Brits are logging on to a new website to arrange no-strings sex sessions.

And a surprisingly high number of punters using are female.

In the six months that the British version of the US site has been running, 42,000 women desperate for a quickie have logged on.

In America the Craigslist site is a trading post for jobs, goods and services, with the Casual Encounters section a minor part.

But in Britain Casual Encounters is the most popular bit.

Founder Craig Newmark says: "I'm surprised by the eagerness with which British women have greeted the Casual Encounters site.

"I don't know any British women first-hand, but from what I hear they are particularly game. Our experience seems to bear this out.?

The site is not for the fainthearted.

Some punters use X-rated language as well as a host of regular abbreviations in their free cyber ads for mates. A selection appear on this page but we have censored some.

NSA means no-strings attached, VWE is very well endowed, D&D free refers to drugs and disease, while M4W/W4M is men looking for women/women looking for men.

One Craigslist user calls herself M and lives in West London.

The City worker, 29, who has been married for four years, explained:

"My marriage quickly became sexless. I have always had fantasies about a strong black man forcefully making love to me -- he has to be tall, athletic and extremely well endowed.

"As a married white woman I find it difficult to meet black guys. The Internet provides a place for all kinds of people to meet."

M has already had a raunchy rendezvous with someone she contacted through Craigslist and says: "I met him in a hotel at lunchtime near where I work.

"He was young and willing and I made the nature of our meeting clear -- sex and nothing else. I trust my instincts and I would have walked away if I had thought it was dangerous.

"The sex is fantastic, purely for the reason that I know that's all it is. Of course, my husband doesn't know about my secret love life."

Polly O'Doherty, a 31-year-old IT worker from North London, has met three men through the site.

She says: "I get the men to send me their pictures but don't give them mine, which means they won't recognise me when we meet, giving me the chance to change my mind, even at the last minute.

"The first man I met was so handsome we didn't even finish our drinks before heading back to my flat. It was so exciting.

"I felt amazingly liberated because we were both clear and honest about what we wanted. When he left the next morning I didn't mind at all.

"I am completely happy we haven't been in contact since."

But Polly's final experience was less enjoyable.

She says: "The last man I met was terribly sexy and I felt we really hit it off. But when he didn't want to stay the night and refused to reply to any of my e-mails afterwards I felt so upset.

"I realised it's not just sex I want -- I want a relationship.

"I don't think I'll use the site again. It just left me feeling sadder and lonelier than before."