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Phone Scam Examples

Below are text messages that have been sent to craigslist users by scammers.

Each text message has some warning signs that can be spotted once you know what to look for.

Do not respond to any messages you think are scams.

You can report scam texts by forwarding them to SPAM (7726).


scam text message: 

Your account was reported as fraudulent. Text back with your email address so we can verify that this phone number is associated with your craigslist account. Otherwise it will be permanently erased

The Craigslist Team

warning signs: 



If you are worried about your postings and/or account, you can always check your posting and account status by logging in to your account.

Do not click on any links provided; instead, navigate directly to from your browser.


email scams  |  phone scams  |  phishing |  avoiding scams