We have implemented a new technology designed to prevent the use of certain discriminatory words and phrases in apartment rental ads. We developed this technology in consultation with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and fair housing advocacy groups.

This technology complements an existing array of anti-discriminatory features on craigslist, including comprehensive educational materials co-developed with fair housing groups and HUD, explicit warnings against the use of discriminatory language in housing ads, and a community moderation system through which craigslist users may flag inappopriate ads for prompt removal.

Although discriminatory apartment ads are exceedingly rare on craigslist, and although it is our belief that craigslist itself is not legally liable for such ads as evidenced by the dismissal of a lawsuit against us by CLC, we feel it is important to go the extra mile in working with HUD and fair housing advocates to reach our shared goal of equal housing opportunity for all.

In addition to promoting fair housing for all apartment seekers, this new system will help prevent apartment owners, landlords, and property managers from inadvertently breaking fair housing laws, and exposing themselves to prosecution.