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1337    "leet" / elite
420     Marijuana
AFAIK   As Far As I Know
A/S/L   Age, Sex, Location
BBW     Big Beautiful Woman
BF      Boy Friend
BRB     Be Right Back
BTW     By The Way
CE      Casual Encounters
CYA     Cover Your Ass
DIY     Do It Yourself
EOM     End Of Message
FAQ     Frequently Asked Questions
FUD     Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
FWIW    For What It's Worth
IE      Internet Explorer
GF      Girl Friend
h4x0r   hacker
IIRC    If I Recall Correctly
IMHO    In My Humble Opinion
IRL     In Real Life
ISO     In Search Of
J/K     Just Kidding
LTR     Long Term Relationship
LMAO    Laughing My Arse Off
LOL     Laughing Out Loud
M4M     Men Seeking Men
M4W     Men Seeking Women
M$FT    Microsoft
MC      Missed Connections
NSA     No Strings Attached
OMG     Oh My God
OP      Original Poster
PeFo    Personal Forum
POTD    Post Of The Day
POV     Point Of View
QuFo    Queer Forum
R&R     Rants and Raves
RoFo    Romantic Forum
ROTFL   Rolling On the Floor Laughing
RTFM    Read The F***ing Manual
SO      Significant Other
THX     Thanks
TTYL    Talk To You Later
W4M     Women Seeking Men
W4W     Women Seeking Women
warez   pirated software
WIFO    Women's Issues Forum
WoPoFo  World Politics Forum
WTF     What The F***
WYSIWYG What you see is what you get
YMMV	Your Mileage May Vary