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Originally Posted: 2009-01-09 02:37

FreeBSD Server, don't hurt your back. - $00

Pacific, my old friend, it is time for you to move on.

I remember when I first brought you home from Aaron's house, back in Cleveland. I wonder how many of that first batch of parts I put into you were hot? I'm pretty sure the video card was. Whatever, I got a good price. You were beautiful.

You weren't so strong then, but when we realized that your insides had slowed down, and I updated you to a dual Pentium II motherboard you were the cat's meow and you haven't slowed down a bit since. After that you became my desktop (desk-under) machine. Yeah, that was when we first moved to VA back in 2000! I remember that around then I upgraded you to some crazy amount of RAM, I think doing that was the first time I'd ever seen 256M on a single stick.

It was when work gave me a laptop that you really came into your own. Pacific.*********.net was what the world knew for its SMTPd and FTPd, but I knew a softer side. I knew a that was an NFSd, and an SSHd. You were my $HOME. We even had a Telechat-ng port we kept open for a little while. I might be rollin' off to the night-shift with that hot Dell Latitude, but I always kept a screen(1) session running with you.

I remember how happy you were when you first fell in NTP synch with in early 2001. You had two disks and a quiet fan then.

As you matured, you became an important member of your network. You were reliable (thanks to the UPS hanging off your Si0) so you were elected to serve as syslogd. After you realized how useful you could be to your community, you were hungry for more, so I fed you six giant 9 GB disks and that SCSI-II RAID card I got from Ted. The most expensive part of the whole project were the SCSI-I:SCSI-II adapters and the damn cables. But wow, you looked good. You were a server to be proud of. You had processing power, storage space, and enough RAM to be a desktop (well ... not as much by that point). You would run PERL scripts and cron(8) stuff for me all day. That's how we snagged that one domain for LB's friend, remember? Good times!

But things were never the same between us after the move.

We had lived apart in the same house for so long when you had that basement bedroom all by yourself, that we didn't really know each other any more. While you were in storage you got cold. And when you finally came back to live with me, I hadn't realized how loud you'd become as your fans aged. And six SCSI disks, well. When we last were sleeping together you only had two, I'll say it like that.

When we moved into this little townhouse, we just couldn't share space like the old days and you moved on. Emotionally, I mean.

I see now that you don't really belong in this network anymore. I mean, for one thing, you've got a cord. The world is a wireless place and you're just not equipped for that. You could change, but you don't want to. You don't really belong to me anymore.

So go, be free. Be free to someone who loves old hardware, or who needs a 36 GB RAID array. Be with them. Start a new relationship. I hope you find a perfect match. I'll be genuinely happy for you. With you. I mean, we'll still be friends, right?

But, Pacific, for the love of space itself, DON'T JUST SIT THERE MOPING SILENTLY AT THE TOP OF MY STAIRS FOR ANOTHER WEEK! Move on! Let ME move on!

I will never forget the times we had. I will always cherish those memories. In my heart I will hold the time we spent together very dear. I do not feel affection for you today, but I will always love you. always.

Goodbye, my friend. May your current be constant and your carrier be clear.

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