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Originally Posted: 2005-02-01 12:14

To the lady in front of me at Giant (and the check-out lady as well)

I don't know what came over me. We all have those silly thoughts that run through our heads sometimes but we dare not say them out loud and I think somehow, last night, the wires got a little crossed. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my behavior, which, I can assure you, was a complete anomaly and will never happen again.

In case you forgot:

You handed the cashier lady a coupon for something or other and she replied back to you, "this is expired." You seemed a bit flustered. Perhaps it was the slightly rude way in which the check-out lady said it. Perhaps you are a bit obsessive compulsive. But I assure you, it was quite an honest mistake.

Why I would then proceed to yell "Oh! In your face!" is beyond me.

I thought it in my head - joking with myself as I'm often apt to do. But the synapses just weren't firing correctly or something. It was instinct in it's purest form.

Believe me, I was just as embarrassed as you and the check-out lady - perhaps even moreso, as the three of us stared at each other in bewilderment, like some bizarre love triangle. Were it not for the chuckling of the people behind me, that uncomfortable silence might have lasted for an eternity.

I am so sorry for any discomfort I may have caused you. But then again, serves you right for trying to save 23 cents on a Lean Cuisine.

this is in or around DC

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