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Originally Posted: 2004-09-30 14:51

I saved a turtle and wrecked my car!

Driving this morning, I spot a turtle getting ready to cross Minniville Rd. right before Old Bridge Rd. I am a major animal activist and jumped at the chance to save this little fellow from certain death. I pull onto the shoulder as fast as I can, stop my car, jump out, run over, and pick up this beautiful orange and brown turtle who is about the size of my hand. I run back to my car with him in tow and when I get into my car I realize I am not sure what I am going to do with him. I decide the best thing is to at least pull off the shoulder. So I set him down on the passenger side seat and pull out. Now I assume this turtle has never been for a car ride before because he is not all afraid and stuck in his shell. No, his head is way out of his house and he is looking all around my car, scoping the place out.
I keep looking over at him as I am trying to decide where I can drop him off that he will be safe. I decide that Burke Lake Park is a nice place for a turtle to live and since it is on my way, all the better.
So, I am driving up 123 and the turtle decides he wants to check out the rest of the car and begins to walk around the seat. As I am driving I am trying to discourage him from walking around by snapping my fingers and yelling "Hey, stay on the seat." Then I begin to wonder if he can even speak English. I don't know why I would think this. Anyway, he does not listen to me and decides to step off the passenger seat onto the floor. Well, I can't have him do that because he may walk around and eventually get under the pedals. So I lean over to get him and as I pick him up he whips his head around and hisses at me, which freaks me out and causes me to jerk the wheel slightly. Well, this ladies and gentlemen makes my beautiful 96 gold Chevy Cavalier, that I would like to say I have had since it had 7 miles on it and it was the only new car I have ever had, careen into a side drainage ditch that they recently built on 123 so they could expand the road.
After the initial shock that I just almost died, I remembered the turtle who was now sitting by the glove box and looking quite perturbed. I picked him up and climbed out of the car, which was laying on its passenger side. A man had pulled up behind me and was asking if I was ok and then looked at the turtle. "What happened?" he asked. See this is where I had to decide what type of person I am. Do I say what happened or do I make up some other story like a bee was in the car, or I was changing radio stations, or hell I could say I didn't know what happened.
So I told the guy I didn't know and it was all a blank to me. Yeah, I am that person. Shit I can't tell anyone (except anonymously) that I crashed my car because I was saving a turtle.
So the cops and the ambulance came. I told them I was ok. My car was towed away (tears here please). I haven't called my insurance company yet.
So me? Well my neck and back have begun to ache and I have no car. But I saved a life.
The turtle? He is ok. My friend and I dropped him off at Burke Lake Park. I hope he lives a long, happy life, the little fucker.

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