Originally Posted: 2004-08-17 1:51am
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We recently purchased and moved into a nice single family home in Fairfax County. We thought the neighborhood was very nice. Our neighbors across the way are very cool and I was thinking the area was perfect. That is until I saw another lady from my home office window and she was letting her dogs out to go shit on a fellow neighbor's lawn without cleaning it up. She consistently lets her dogs out to crap on neighbor's lawns.
So there has been some dog shit on our lawn and I am 99% sure her dogs shat that shit. I did not however see them in the act. When I saw the shit outside I shoveled it up into one long handled shovel scoop and flung it back, lacrosse style over across the street to her lawn. Again today I saw the shit when I got home from work and I am beginning to get really pissed off. I am contemplating timming when she gets home from work, so I can go and shit myself on her driveway, but I think it would be uncomfortable and the neighbors may gawk. So my other option besides reporting her to the HOA for the $250 fine, is to collect up as much dog shit as I can get and litter her yard and all around her cars with the crap. I would like for her not to be able to get into her car without stepping in dog shit. -*- So if anyone lives in the Sterling, Herndon or Reston area and you would like to support my cause.-*- Email me and I would like to take your dog shit. I will come pick it up from you.The last thing I need is one more ass hole dog owner who knows where I live.

this is in or around Northern VA

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