Originally Posted: 2004-07-02 10:07am

favorite this post A great story of racial harmony in the DC subway.

OK, so check this out, I took the red line from metro center to Shady Grove, It was delayed so TONS of people had to sardine into the trains. It was obviously standing room only and I managed to stand by the emergency doors at the end of the rail car giving me a good seat for what I was about to see. Some 40 something White guy (let’s call him Old white guy) screamed at this little Asian lady, she was carrying her hand bag on her right and Old white guy was on her left, He said “If your bag was not so big then it would not have to touch me.” The lady was so red in the face and was on the verge of crying; in fact her bag was actually on the opposite side and not touching him at all, and he said it so loud that everyone on the train heard it.

A cell phone rang, it belonged to a guy we’ll call Young white guy, he answered it, had a short conversation and hung up. Old White guy went screaming at him, “Don’t you have any consideration for others?” “Don’t you have any manners?” “You’re very uneducated, you speak ebonyx!” Young white guy, looking confused said something like “Man, fuck off” “What’s wrong with you?” “What’s your problem?”

Old White guy kept at it, screaming the same things, then when the train stopped at UDC, someone we’ll call “Young black guy” came in and accidentally bumped Old white guy from the back. Old white guy, still in the middle of arguing with young white guy, got annoyed and turned around. He started screaming at Young black guy, “Why don’t you watch where you’re going?” “Why don’t you educate yourself?” “You’re obviously uneducated!”

I thought Old white guy was just having a bad day, but I realized at this point, the guy was CRAZY.

Young Black guy was like “Man, I’m just getting off from school. What are you talking’ about me being uneducated? How about you? Do YOU even have an education?”

Old White guy said, “Yeah I have a college degree.”

Young Black guy said, “What did you major in? Abnormal Psychology?” – I busted out laughing at this point.

The arguing went on for a couple more seconds, with Old white guy going back and forth arguing with the two.

As the train was stopping at around friendship heights, the two young guys grabbed each of Old white guy’s arm as everyone stepped aside. When the doors opened, they shoved him out of the train. Old white guy was screaming “I’ll sue you for assault!” Young black guy said, “You’ll have to find me first, and to you, we probably all look alike”. Young white guy added, “Yeah, that goes for me too, ‘cause I’m a nigga too!” When the door closed, the young guys high-fived each other and everyone in the train busted out laughing.

That was awesome.

this is in or around DC

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