Originally Posted: 2004-05-14 08:16

my gf shits standing up...

the bathroom door was half-open, so i thought no one was using it, and i catch my gf standing legs spread on either side of the toilet -- DROPPING TURDS! wtf!? right as she's squeezing off a real long and heavy one, she says: "INCOMING!" and makes bomb-dropping noises. "captain! we're under attack! we've been hit! fire in the hole!"

then she looks up at me, sort of sheepish and blushes and quickly assumes the "normal" position. "just a little game i sometimes play when i'm bored," she says as she starts to wipe herself.

my jaw is still on the floor and i'm speechless. "whatever....." i mumble as i head for the door.

as you can imagine, this has totally changed the way i look at my gf. before i thought she was a cute, funny, sexy and sometimes shy babe. now i see this whole other side of her, i get hard whenever i see a toilet, or a world war two battle scene in a movie, or a pile of dogshit on the sidewalk.

has this ever happened to anyone else? just wondering....

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