Originally Posted: 2004-02-17 09:34 (no longer live)

RANT: I don't even like porn sites

I think porn sites are disgusting and vile but curiosity got me today and I paid dearly for it.

After 6 months of no luck on CL and 2 years of not getting laid, I have decided that my sexual peek (if you could call it that) is long over. I have always been the guy to advocate for woman, respect them, treat them right, and never take advantage of them. This hasn’t worked. I spend every Valentine’s Day alone while every macho jerk has a girlfriend and one on the side.

I gave up.

I haven’t seen a naked breast in years. So I opened up the Internet Browser and went to an Asian porn site (hey, I’m white). I found the site crude and crass; yet very intriguing. I try to find a way to justify looking at it but I can’t. I was being a pervert for the first time in my life and enjoying it too much. I could feel myself pushing out of suit pants. I better not stand up.


My boss starts to walk in my office talking to me. I give a panic looked and quickly X out my browser window. My boss gives me that “no big deal but what did I just catch you doing look”. He is a really great guy. He walks up to where I am sitting and can now see my computer luckily I closed in time and maximized my email. I sit looking at him intently on what he has to say. Oblivious, I don’t realize over my shoulder is an animated picture of an Asian girl sticking a dildo into her crotch; back and forth, back and forth, on a repeated loop.

“Need some privacy?” He smirks.

I turn around to the horror show. My stomach drops, a cold sweat instantly hits me, as the shock of embarrassment and shame I haven’t felt since confession slap me in the face. I quickly grab my mouse and close the window. I can’t even speak or look at him. I let out a meek
“Sorry” In a hurt voice like a ten-year old boy getting caught for stealing from Mom’s purse.

“Ughhh, Ughhh, Ughhh, Fook Me! Fook Me!” I hear my computer moaning.

It’s a very graphic flash animation asking me to “Sign Up Now!” It just popped up in another fucking window! I close it and another pops up and another. They’re fucking making noises now. I fumble with volume on the side of laptop and successfully turn it off. But my Boss is still standing over me, looking ever displeased. I have never seen this man a bit upset in his life, but I can feel a very bad vibe. A look up and there’s a black chick with man juice all over her face. Panicked I slam down my laptop monitor into keyboard so it could no longer be viewed.
“I’ll come back when you’re not so busy” He grumbles.
As he leaves I open my monitor back up. It’s cracked right down the center. How do I ask them to fix this? I am honestly going to cry.

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