Originally Posted: 2003-08-20 2:59pm

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Ja, I'm just a good efficient Swedish desk (I used to have some kind of silly name like Anton or Wipril), doing my job, desking, but am about to suffer the fate of my other brothers and get tossed outside in the cold rain while a stupid man in a raincoat with a fake Swedish accent laughs cruelly.

But, for just 8.2 cents a day ($30 over one year - or make me an offer, otherwise out in the rain I go), you can sponsor me and give me new life. I am white, like the Swedish snow in winter. I have shelves and one drawer along my side, so that you can efficiently store items that are also named with umlauts. My dimensions are a very svelte and attractive (after all, I am Swedish) 43.5" W X 23.5" D X 28" H, which fits nicely in any room.

So remember, YOU can make a difference for just 8 cents a day by purchasing me. Call now, operators are standing by. Available for pick-up anytime but tonight (ABBA revival tour requires my presence).

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