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Would you respond? Would you consider actually emailing this potentially caring, sensitive lady with a smokers cough and yellow teeth?

I bet you wouldn't.

But, when I post that "income level" is important to me, I get all sorts of hate mail with such lovely sentiments as "whore". Funny, I don't recall mentioning anything about sex. Not an inuendo, hint, or notion.

Yes, income level is important -- that is, to me. The same as, say, "age" might be important to someone else. What? You don't want to take an 80-year old and her dentures out to a movie? You bastard. You cold-hearted "agist".

And how ironic, if I posted a "women seeking men" that stated: "need a big throbbing dick to put inside my aching pussy", you'd be all over it and "whore" would somehow completely escape your vocabulary.

To be clear, in said post, I never stated "rich" -- and, I also clearly said that I didn't expect diamonds -- simply that "we" should be able to make a life-plan together and execute it. You want to ski? I have news, it's expensive. You want to travel? That too, very costly and I'm sorry, I'm not hitch-hiking. What, you want to eat well? My idea of a good meal isn't KD, Shake and Bake chicken with Coke to wash it down.

You want to fuck? 80-year olds don't tend to put out a lot. But I bet you already know that which is why you would pass over her post without a second thought.

What is with the anger towards women who set a standard for themselves? Sorry if your pocketbook matches your dick size. It doesn't mean that you are not a good person -- you very well could be super fabulous, but, chances are, we're not going to be compatible if your paycheque is reflective of that of a 7/11 gas jockey. I don't want to live in a trailer just like you don't want to wake up to getting gummed by Granny.

I don't think I'm the cat's meow, the ultimate Trophy Wife or the score of the century, but, if you are going to pass over posts based on anything that "isn't for you", then don't judge me for the the level at which I set my bar.

How many posts I see in the men seeking women that clearly state: "a fit-attractive, athletic ..." -- I mean, hey, are you emailing them too, telling them just how shity and shallow that is? I have more news for you: it isn't shallow. It's what he wants, a busty woman is what another guy wants, and someone with reasonable means is what I want.

So, I'm sorry that you have the IQ of a fencepost and you can't grasp the fact that it is okay for people to have standards that might not match your profile.

Somehow, I'm able to get over posts that request things I am not -- breast size, race, ability play bridge or perform level 5 yoga positions. You need to come to terms with that instead of eating Doritos, jacking off to bad internet porn and sending hate mail to women like me, it would serve you well to pour all that negative energy into figuring out how you can boost your income level.

Then we'll talk and maybe we can date.

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