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favorite this post Panties, size 8-10

To the woman in the laundromat who threw her panties into my washing machine, I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for my new panties, I've never owned any before. I'm not exactly sure how they got there as I left as soon as I started the machine, and didn't come back until the wash was finished. I can only assume that you're so hard up for money that you decided to save 6 quarters and threw your laundry in with mine once I'd left, and after it was done removed them and paid for your own dryer. The only problem is you forgot one pair of black and white, zebra-striped panties in the machine. I dried them with my clothes thinking that you might discover they were missing, and I was going to toss them to you if you came back to look for them.

It really is too bad you didn't come back. I'm wasn't exactly sure what a size 8-10 is, but once I got home I tried them on and found they fit rather nicely. I've never wanted to wear women's panties before, and they were a little tight to get on due to the fact my package kept wanting to jump out of the front, but I must say the zebra-stripe pattern looks rather flattering on me. In fact I'm wearing them (and nothing else) as I type this..... can you say sexy?

I think I'll take a picture of myself in your panties (face omitted of course) and post it on the laundromat's bulletin board so you can see what became of them. I'll make sure it's a front shot because while they're extremely tight up front, the backside seems incredibly loose and there's a lot of extra fabric flapping around. You must have some serious action going on back there.... Now that I think of it, I should be able to mail the panties back to you, I'm pretty sure your ass must have it's own postal code. Hopefully you wrote it down on the little tag.

ps. please use fabric softener next time.

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