Originally Posted: 2006-10-23 3:27pm

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Missed connections...well, I think that my boyfriend missed a connection and I'd really appreciate it if someone could help him catch it. You see, he transferred from the 'dating' line to the 'serious commitment' line but then got off somewhere for some reason and got fucking lost. He should have been trying to make the connecting train on the 'romance' line but I think he's now lingering somewhere on the lazy, effortless platform. He doesn't realise, however, that being on the lazy, effortless platform is not the same as being ON the train. And pretending to wait for the train is a load of shit because I've seen many many opportunities for him to catch said train. I'm currently on the exhausted platform. I'm considering switching my transportation carrier altogether, and maybe opt for a flight on the 'fun, attentive, show-me-the-fucking-love' line. With a more willing travel companion. I'm so tired of waiting for him to stop missing his fucking connection. If and when he finally makes it, I might not be there...

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