Originally Posted: 2006-03-06 9:26pm

favorite this post I will miss this couch.

It's time to say farewell to a beloved friend and a piece of my personal history.

My good ol' brown chesterfield.

See, I met me a nice ladyfriend, and we've decided that ol' Brownie no longer suits our needs. It's a bachelor couch, and I'm no longer a bachelor. This is not to say men only, oh no. It's just that this couch has treated my friends and me well for many years, and I'd prefer to see it go to some nice folks who will enjoy it...four reasonably-sized asses can sit comfortably on it while playing video games, watching DVDs, drinkin' beers...it's a great couch that brought a lot of joy to those asses, and it's got a lot more ass-joy in it yet.

Yes it's ugly, and no it's not in wonderful shape, but its surface is even and its springs have not yet sprung their last. I'm 6'1" and have included a pic of myself stretched full-length on it for purposes of scale; it has been, and may yet be, the site of many lazy Sunday naps. You can see that Jack and Squirrelly are also bidding their adieus. It is surprisingly comfortable and most of my houseguests over the years have preferred it to my horrible hide-a-bed. And though many weary drunken heads have passed out on it, it has never been puked on while in my care.

The price? Well, I'd give it away but I'd feel bad about it.

In the spirit with which ol' Brownie has been enjoyed, here's the deal:

You come get it, bring a case of beer, and it's yours. I'll even help you load it. The beer's gotta be something decent à la Granville Island, OK Spring, or the like...I will not trade such a fine and loyal friend for yellow pisswater. I don't want the $20...you have to bring the beer. I think the type of folks who'll see the importance of giving ol' Brownie a good home will understand.

Email me with your contact info and we'll sort you out.

(Verification word is 'quits'...shit, I'm getting all misty. Aw, Brownie...I'll miss ya, pal.)

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