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Lets Trade Places: Married for Single Life - w4mw

I am a 29 year old female who is looking to try married life for a month. Around ten years ago I swore to myself that I would never get married (reasons being: parents, books, Sex in the City…). As my thirtieth birthday approaches I have begun having doubts in this decision. Perhaps I would like being married, having children, taking care of a husband. I want to find out if the choice I made is right in a practical and tangible way, and what better way then trying married life for a month. So I am hoping to trade places with another woman who is interested in the life of a single girl, and would not mind me trying out her life for 30 days.

Your Life: I think we can agree that you should be around my age. It might be slightly awkward if you and your husband are middle-aged. However, you should have an established and relatively happy marriage. I do not want to intrude on newly-weds, and moreover, I do not want to find myself in a broken and pending on divorce marriage. I am open to a variety of ethnicities; however, I do not want this experience to be a month of adapting to cultural differences (I think dealing with married life will be enough, thank you). This means I am looking for more of an average Canadian marriage. If you have children that is fine. Yet, you should know I regularly kill house plants (though an absent green thumb, not purposely), so bear this in mind when considering your children. Perhaps you husband could take the leading role in looking after them. As for your husband, he should NOT be a wife beater, dealing with drug or alcohol abuse issues, serious mental health problems, and so on. He should be “marriage material” so I can get the best possible experience of this type of life. I would prefer that he is healthy as well.

As for you, you should be willing to move to Vancouver for a month and have the vacation time to do so. You should be financially stable, and able to get by on your own. Most importantly, you should have an open mind.

My Life: You would be trading your married life for an apartment in Yaletown and a Mini. I have a group of girl friends who you would spend most of your time with doing activities such as exercising, eating out, dinner parties, movie nights, shopping, and so on. They will help to set you up on a series of first dates (what happens there is up to you). You can use the in-suite gym and swimming pool, and would have access to my wardrobe (size four). My mother will call you every second day and discuss how your younger sister has the most beautiful child and husband, and then move on to how disappointing it is that you cannot find a man to settle down with. You can be quite sure that a series of ex-boyfriends will call you up between the hours of 12am and 3 on the weekends (again, what happens there is up to you).

I am hoping to find some normal people, with an open mind (but not too open). If this sounds like a good experience for you please contact me by email and tell me about your married life and any questions you may have.

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