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Nothing Happens In A Vacuum

At least in this one. Hoover TurboPOWER 1700. Needs a belt (few dollars) and fan blade should be replaced (about $20). If you're a perfectionist (not likely if you're reading this) or you prefer to vacuum at night with the lights off (whatever?) then the missing light bulb may be significant to you - easily acquired at any vacuum store. Repair it or use it for parts to fix another 1700 or 2000.

Ladies, this would make a great birthday/father's day gift for your hubby. With no lid or bag it transforms into a leaf mulching blower (in theory). He might even try it as a snowblower next winter. Your driveway could be the envy of the neighbourhood all year round.

Guys, with a little modification this could be turned into an automatic pitcher for your little league team practices, or use it to work on your tennis returns, or how about high speed golf ball retrieval while practicing your putt at the office (watch out!).

You handyman types may just want the motor. Crank the Model T with it. Build a massive rotisserie over a fire pit - just in time for hunting season. Add a chuck and Dremel anything! Turbo charge the washer/dryer/dishwasher for the Misses. (You could use a hidden camera to capture her reaction, but I recommend informing her before first use.) Got one of those clotheslines on rollers? You know what to do. Besides being great for reeling in the clothes, now you can clip Rex to the line for automatic walkies. Does your backyard slope? Bonus! Use it for a ski lift in the winter.

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