Originally Posted: 2007-05-26 20:26

Guy who stole my drink at Starbucks - w4m

To the guy who stole my drink at Starbucks I once again just wanted to tell you to die, and that you are in fact a brainless idiot. Despite the fact that you ordered in the middle of a rush at Starbucks, you didn't think anything of ordering your drink and then walking over just in time to grab it as the barista called out the drink. You didn't even think anything weird about the fact that somebody else was even walking up to grab it, and that she even started to say something to you. But it was too late, you had the straw out, "I'll just wait for his- same thing, right?." No, NOT RIGHT. I waited a few minutes... waited a few more minutes. No drink, there was even one I thought would be mine- no luck, soy! So I asked.... but guess what, none of the drinks were what I (and possibly you) ordered! I mean, I eventually got it... but use a little thought process next time. Oh, and if you're wondering how I know it was MY drink you took- it came right after the one my friend had ordered before me- about 5 minutes before that.

So, anyway, besides that, you have a great taste in drinks- let's hook up. If you had someone walk up to you outside of a Starbucks today and say "You stole my drink. You're a douche bag" then just give me a drink and location, you know the drill.

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