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CANADIAN LESSONS! Are you American and moving to Canada?

Trump was elected president.
We're sorry.

After the election, the Canadian immigration website crashed.

If you're one of the many Americans planning to convert to Canadianism, I can help you get integrated quickly and smoothly by offering my tutoring services to help you become one of us.

I've got approx. 23+ years of experience and charge $30/hour (Canadian dollars. First lesson: One CAD = 0.75 USD) so basically, that's a steal!

Here are a few of the chapters you'll be learning:

* Situations which warrant a "sorry", and the 2 ways we pronounce it.
* The importance of Tim Horton's (Timmy's), a double double, and tim bits.
* The difference between regular syrup and 100% pure maple syrup.
* The loonie, toonie and do our bills smell like maple syrup?
* Intro to Celsius, Kilometres, Provinces, etc.
* Canadian spelling (colour, neighbour, centre) and slang.
* Pop, not soda.
* The beaver, moose, the Canadian goose.
* Milk and why it comes in bags.
* Holding the door open even if you're not yet sure if someone if behind you.
* Hockey.
* Surviving a Canadian winter.
* Why we don't have guns, and don't need them.
* Canada's history: not as nice as you think.
* Justin Trudeau - the leader you wish you had.
* The North American house hippo.
* French basics.
* Poutine.
* This commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRI-A3vakVg
* "Eh."

And much more.

Thank you for reading, and serious inquiries only please.

A Canadian.

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