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favorite this post Advice for the guys who insist on posting pictures of their penis (everywhere)

Having read some of the posts in Male seeking Female for casual encounters, I am quite befuddled and saddened by how many penises were attached to said posts. I'm not sure how many times it can be said, but obviously, worth repeating over and over again until penises become detached from their posts: do not post pictures of your penis!

Things to keep in mind:

1. Your penis is not a piece of art; it is not attractive on its own.

2. You are not creating a fantasy: women do not look at penises, like shoes, and say "I need to have that"

3. A picture of your penis says that you are reluctant to show your face; unless she will be buried in your cock for the entire duration and you blindfold her on the way in and out, it will matter.

4. Eventually, you will have to send her a picture of your face, at which point you will not receive further emails from her.

5. If you're posting a picture of a penis, you clearly never had sex because you know a penis isn't the most important thing!

You can't sell yourself via a penis. The penis has a walk on role; it doesn't even has lines. It comes in maybe 1 hour and 30 minutes into an 1 hour 40 minutes movie. Yeah, by the end you're excited to know what happens, but that's only because you already sat through the 1 hour and 30 minutes (pending it was satisfying). I've seen many people walk out on movies, you know, before they end. I'm sure many men have experienced this; you meet and there's definitely attraction, then you make out; take off your clothes and hers; maybe you go down on a girl; and then she says she doesn't want to have sex. This is because you were awful. You screwed up somewhere along the line. If you were good to her, you get to show her your penis, if you were terrible at satisfying her, she will be tired.

What you should post:

1. a picture of your face and body or none at all

2. a description of yourself, beyond the physical aspect

3. Probably more enticing if you add a description of what you would like to do to her

By the way, most decent looking women and men go to bars to pick up. You know, the "I met this guy last night at the bar, we danced all night and he was hot. Then we went back to my place." NOT "I saw this guy's penis on CL last night and thought I should email him because I've extrapolated from his penis that he's probably attractive and a fun guy".

Good luck

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