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favorite this post The way you litter tells a lot about you.... (cleaning up your mess)

I live in a townhouse with a bus stop out front, consequently every Saturday morning I turn into "Garbage Girl". Picking up litter for at least 30 minutes (on a good day). Since the weather has been nice I've sprayed the city sidewalk that runs in front of my yard three times this past month. I'm tired of it, but it will never stop...note to self....do not fall for the line "bus stop at door" ever again, it's NEVER a good thing! I am a 27 year old hard-working, single successful woman. I didn't sign p to be a garbage woman!!

Over the past 6 months (ever since I bought my place) whenever I am cleaning up other peoples leftovers I've come to a few realizations.....1) People are inconsiderate assholes 2) People are lazy...there is a garbage bin right beside the pole that says "BUS STOP" you know, three feet from where you just threw down that gum wrapper. 3)50% of people know that littering is wrong, the other 50% either don't know or don't give a shit. 4) The way people litter tells a lot about that person. 5) The way people litter has a lot to do with how they have/feel about sex too.

1. Rippers- you...you pesky little shit heads....you like to rip up your litter into tiny little pieces and then throw it down making it impossible to clean up quickly, if you're going to litter just THROW IT DOWN!! For fuck's sake...I have to pick up 10 small bits of your transfer with my hands instead of just using the rake. And yeah, it takes me 10X longer. Please STOP.

I think "rippers" are anal retentive angry people that have no control over their lives and like to make people suffer. They might also have ADHD or be bi-polar. Sexually I think they are "quick off the draw" if they are male. If they are female they just want you to get it over with because they can't have the big "O"

2. Hiders- you...you guilt ridden fuck heads...just use the bin, you'll feel better. In the winter you buried it under the snow so I had about four hours of spring cleaning when the snow melted. Now that the nice weather is here you hide it beside the light post...HELLO I CAN STILL SEE IT!! So can everyone else...you people KNOW that littering is wrong, otherwise you wouldn't try to hide it. I hope you wake up in the middle of the night and think about it. Just because you hid it doesn't mean it isn't there, I still have to pick it up.

I think "hiders" are pretty insecure, and they are liars. I bet they 'tsk tsk' when they see others littering. I bet they don't pick up their dog doo-doo unless they know someone is looking. They probably don't admit to masturbating either...total fakes...then men use the line "This has never happened to me before" and the women just fake it...because "girls that like sex are sluts"

3. Machismo's-you disrespectful ignoramuses ....these type of people just toss their shit because they think the world owes them something. The bully's of littering culture. Often they are young men that think they are too cool to follow the rules of society. They don't have any remorse for their action either....the non-nonchalant way they just toss it, sometimes even while I am out there raking up the mess. When confronted they leave...some pick up what they threw down and meekly stand there looking stupid, others just ignore me and walk down to the next bus-stop leaving their debris behind.

Sexually, oh let me guess....the men think they are God's gift to women but haven't made their woman cum...EVER, the women think they are God's gift...they don't put in any effort because they think they look so good they just need to be there. Selfish egomaniacs..this group.

This has turned into a life lesson that has taught me the following.... people who litter are not nice people. So I will never date, have sex with, marry or be friends with litterers......I never really thought about it but my worst relationship was with a guy that used to throw his litter out the car window....I used to cringe when he did it. My best relationship, a considerate guy that kept his garbage in his pocket or hand until he found a proper place to put it..he recycled too! Dang it...too bad he moved back to Sweden!!

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