Originally Posted: 2007-05-29 11:16am
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Dear Boyfriend,

Its me, your soon to be ex-girlfriend. We haven’t been dating very long bf, and for the most part things are going great. But I have to tell you, your weekly freak outs are getting on my nerves. I realize that ALL of your girlfriends in the past have cheated on you. You have only mentioned this a hundred times. Maybe it’s because you’ve only dated 21 year olds. Huh?? Ever think of that?? You’re 30; of course they are going to cheat on you. I’m not 21, FUCK I’m barely in my 20’s anymore. STOP ACCUSING ME OF CHEATING ON YOU.

You have no fucking idea how annoying it is. Every single week it’s something new that I’ve done to make that little head of yours go into overdrive and start thinking I’m up to something. I’m not up to anything. I’m at home, not at a bar (although I used to be). I’m sitting my sweet little ass in my little apartment, so I’m not making you crazy thinking I’m out gallivanting.

Here’s the truth: I come into contact with about 50 men a day. I work in an office, I can’t help it. 90% of them are old and gross like I tell you. But, the other 10% are kinda hot. Okay not really hot, but office hot. (Office hot, is when he’s the god of the office, but in the real world you wouldn’t blink twice at him). Those 10% I’ve worked with for many years, let me tell you, if I haven’t fucked them already, I’m not going to. I have a certain goals for myself career wise and being the office bicycle isn’t one of them.

Before I met you, I was a single gal out in the city, in that time I made many acquaintances, some yes I have nailed, and some I haven’t. The ones I fucked, I no longer talk to. The ones I haven’t, still email me from time to time. Again, if I haven’t fucked them, I’m not going to. My life can’t stop because you have suddenly appeared. Stop questioning who ‘HE’ is. ‘HE’ is a friend. (I’ll note now, that many of the male ‘friends’ I had, suddenly stopped talking to me once you were the ‘boyfriend’, so that already weeds out the good from the bad) And when I tell you someone is gay. I’m not making it up. HE’S GAY. And therefore has never had any interest in me, so fuck off.

I’m sure there are few men that I have regular contact with me, that do indeed want to tear my clothes off and have their way with me. Doesn’t mean I am going to let it happen. Hell the homeless guy on my corner tells me I’m beautiful every day, this doesn’t mean I’m going to be sitting on his face tonight. Get over it. I’m dating you, which would mean I’m not interested in anyone else. Take a step back, you think I’m hot, that doesn’t mean everyone else does. Well, I must say I’m pretty high on myself too, but it does not mean I’m nailing every loser in sight.

I really like you BF, but you’re incessant accusations are driving me up the fucking wall. One day you might just push me to the brink I will nail someone just to know that I’m getting accused of doing something I actually did.

Xox GF

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