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To the body builder who was hitting on me at the clothing optional beach

I have this strange combination of being creeped out by you and feeling sorry for you. Who the hell goes to a nude beach, strips down and hits on single women while wagging it out there all in it's glory? Isn't there something to be said for leaving it to the imagination?

I have had some very pleasant conversations with other naked strangers at the nude beach. Generally people on the clothing optional beach are more solicitous, make more eye contact and are more considerate than the jerks at your average beach. This is why I love Hanlan's Point.

But no one in the history of this planet has ever started a congenial conversation with the line: "You look pretty light - is this your first time here?"

It was creepy when you commented you were watching me swim and knew how long I had been in the water. No one wants to be watched like that. I'm just trying to enjoy my day with some alone time. Seriously.

And no, I really don't want your help applying sunscreen - that would mean being half naked while a very naked stranger is touching me. And that kinda creeps me out. I don't have a problem with nakedness (obviously, I'm at the nude beach) I am comfortable with my body etc. But when you squatted beside my beach towel, your sac skin tightening, your furry figs right at eye level for me, I was pretty creeped out at the time.

But now that the creepy part is fading, I'm starting to feel sorry for you. How many hours do you spend in the gym working out, making your body perfect? You looked kind of confused when tried to blow you off. Have you not been rejected by an attractive nude woman on the beach before?

By the way, you were hitting on a lesbian. Yes, I'm gay. In fact, most of the people on the beach who are not obviously hetero couples are gay. All of Church Street seems to go to Hanlan's Point on the weekends in the summer. There was a whole gang of lesbians there last Sunday - it was awesome.

I'm surprised you didn't figure out the queer factor at Hanlan's Point, because with your physique and cock size, surely all the single boys on the beach are hitting on you. Or maybe not. Wonder why.

By the way, I wasn't creeped out because I am a lesbian and was uncomfortable getting hit on by a man. That wasn't the first time a man has expressed interest in me. That WAS the first time anyone has been so insistent, so naked and so oblivious simultaneously.

Please go someplace else to pick up chicks.

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