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I yelled "get the fuck off my bike!!!" - w4m

as you rode away on my best friend. there i was, innocently receiving the sweetest kisses amongst the clover, only to realize it was just the precursor to one of the most heart-wrenching good-byes i have ever had to make. my salmon miele is many things. it is my love, my meditation, my physical well-being, and so fucking sexy. i need it. i need it back more than anything. so please, if you stole my bike to trade it for crack, stop! not only will you take the first step on your road to recovery, you will be making it less difficult for a beautiful, devastated girl to find you and kill you (rightfully so, i might add!) or, shower you with praise for changing your evil, thieving mind. if you stole my bike to mix and match parts with others, stop! i know that the spokes are rusty, i know that the chain is dirty, i know that it APPEARS as though i have neglected it, but i think that my bike is perfect as is. so stop. put your wrench down! give me back my bike. if you stole my bike because you need a way to get around town and your feet are sore, i dont care. you dont deserve it... thief! give me back my bike. i will s yer d. i will show my beautiful breasts. i will do anything! give it back! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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