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Originally Posted: 2009-04-15 00:30

To the guy who checked out all the books I need for my final papers - w4m

I hauled my 50+ lbs backpack into the Marriot lib last week, with a list of call numbers in my hand, intent on finding relevant and tangible information regading my subject of study: the archaeology of brothels in the ancient world. I know, what's a good girl like me, doing researching such an illicit and improper subject? I bet you thought you were the only one at the University studying ancient sexuality within certain societies. I know I was. Turns out I was completely wrong: every book the Marriot had to offer about ancient brothels (The economy of prostitution in the Roman world : a study of social history & the brothel, for example) has been checked out by you. It's due back at the library June 2nd.
This presents me with a few problems:
1. My papers are due long before June 2nd. Do you really need them that long? Can't we share?
2. You must be, based on your area of research, handsome, interesting, and capable of following archaeological theories.
3. If 2 is true, you must be looking for like-minded individuals to bounce ideas off of.
4. If 3 is true, maybe you can bounce them off of me. I'm built like a bouncy castle anyways.
5. I was discussing my topic with a classmate. Perhaps you ninja'ed my topic and got to the library before I was able to. In that case, well played, you giant sob.
6. If you ARE in my class, and we're reporting on the exact same topic with the exact same resources, maybe we can team up and really throw down into our final papers.

I can always interlibrary loan these resources, but that takes time. Obviously you've been at the library recently, and must go there more often than me if you got to the books first. This is just cutting out the middleman, really.
I realize you've probably got your nose stuck in the books I want to read, but if by chance you see this ad, you should send me an email. Let me know the authors you're looking at, and what sites you're investigating, so I know you're not wasting my time on unacademic endeavors. I'll respond with more alacrity if your subject line contains latin.

Looking forward to discussing obscene frescos with you,
O. vid.

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