Originally Posted: 2003-04-01 12:03pm
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I've got some anger to work out. Let's go to an empty lot and smash stuff. I live in an industrial area of East Oakland so there's a big empty lot right near my place where we can destroy things. Old vinyl records shatter nicely. Maybe you can drive up in your pickup with a bunch of shit left over from your garage sale (cuz your girlfriend just moved out, you're so angry!) and we can smash it all up with hammers. Bring a portable CD player so we can blast FEAR and Minor Threat as we fuck shit up.

I have two pairs of safety goggles and an extra pair of coveralls for you. You can choose from Safety Orange if you're big and Frito Lay if you're small. Mine is blue and has "Crash" embroidered on the front where my name would be. I only have one pair of work gloves so you'll have to bring a pair. Safety First! Later we can neatly sweep everything up and put it in the Dumpster, and then go drink beer at the Lucky 13 in Alameda and beat the greasers at pool.

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