Originally Posted: 2003-03-23 9:16pm

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Al-Jazeera Uncover the Truth

Horrific images were shown yesterday on the Arabic satellite channel
Aljazeera of the victims of U.S. bombardment of Al-Basra and the positions
of two Islamic groups in Iraq's Kurdistan.

The Al-Basra victims, 50 of whom have met their death while more than a
hundred have been wounded, were all civilians. It is extremely worrying
that these reports and images, which have been carried out or shown on
Aljazeera TV and are posted on the Aljazeera website,
http://www.aljazeera.net/news/arabic/2003/3/3-22-26.htm have not been
reported or shown on any of the British or American TV stations.

According to reports from Washington, the U.S. authorities are imposing a
total blackout on these reports and the images of the victims. Since the
start of this war both American and British military and political
spokespersons have been boasting of a precise targeting". Faced with
massive opposition to the war, both domestically and internationally, both
governments have been concerned about any reaction to reports of
indiscriminate killing or maiming of Iraqis.

Although, such critical reports of human deaths and suffering were
supported by evidence and broadcasted through international media such as
Al-Jazeera, the British media has failed miserably to report civilian
casualties of American and British military forces' use of overwhelming
force to attack Iraq.

Mainstream British media's continuous failure to maintain unbiased
reporting of events taking place in Iraq, casts dark shadow upon its so
called democratic values of journalistic conduct, sadly at the same time
questioning integrity of some elements of the media.

The British public only demands to know what is going on, what is the
truth, so it is the responsibility of the media to exercise unbiased
reporting during such a critical time.

The Muslim Association of Britain requests the British media only to stand
steadfastly behind the principles of journalistic honesty and integrity in
reporting events and issues. We call on all of you to contact media and ask
them why they did not show these images.

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