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favorite this post March 15 Protest Pics - what the signs said hide this posting unhide

(From the pictures at http://www.piou.org/photos/m15antiwar/)

Have I consulted with generals about a war with Iraq? You Bet! There's General Dynamics, General Motors, General Electric...

Sons of Lee Marvin Against the War

Oil is much too important a commodity to be left in the hands of the Arabs - Henry Kissinger

Big Bands NOT Big Bombs

We Are Falling Into bin Laden's Trap.

Children for Peace

Iraq Does Not Equal 9/11

Farm Don't Fight

He Can't Go Back to Texas: They Execute the Mentally Incompetent

Stop Mad Cow Boy Disease

Choose Life/ Abort Bush

Anthropologists for Peace

France & Germany/ Merci Danke!

Dissent is the Essence of Democracy

Even the Pope hates me.

What's your attention on? Starvation/Bush/Media/Oil/Drugs/Shopping...

Med Students for Peace (even the ones from Virginia)

Hookahs not Bazookas

Where's the Blue Dress THIS TIME, Assholes? Why not send that hag Linda Tripp over to Baghdad?...

Support Our Troops/ Bring Them Home

Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Grow Radishes Not Rage

Kindness Is Everything

How about a little faith-based armageddon?

Old Broad for Peace

Quakers Are Still for Peace

Smart Kids not Smart Bombs

The First Casualty of War Is Truth

Another Angry White Guy for Peace

Psychoanalysts for Social Responsibility

Ducked the Draft to mind the Store/Now he wants to Run a War/Drop Bush not Bombs

I hate crowds, impeach Bush so I can go home!

Impeach Bush or Aliens will Land in my Wig!

Mad Dogs and Englishmen...

Bush Fuma Crack No Guerra En Iraq

Iraqi mothers love their children too.

Don't Blame Me - I Didn't Vote for Nader

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.- MLK

Don't do it, George! Dad will still love you!

Historians for Peace

I have experienced sorrow when losing a loved one. Peace.

Another incontinent vegan baby 4 Peace!

Another healing hippy lipstick lesbian Bohemian breathin' gorgeous Goddess poet 4 Peace

Get Your Dicks Outta the Desert Motha Fucka's

Smile! You're on Homeland Security Camera

George Bush Hates You

Fighting for Peace is like Fucking for Virginity

Bush is great - for me to Poop on!

Gr8-Grandmother 4 Peace

Jesus is the Answer

Thank you, Old Europe!

Ribs 4 Peace

Buck Fush

Girls Say Yes to Boys Who Say No!

Laura, please trim your unruly Bush

Smart-Asses for Peace

Nice People Against Icky Stuff

Fuck Bush

Our DOG has better diplomacy skills! ETHEL FOR PRESIDENT

Hey Recruiters Leave Them Kids Alone

Frodo Lives

Baguettes Not Bombs

Let me explainify the war against Iraq a little bit in Texas teminologragy. We SHELL not EXXONERATE Saddam Hussein for his actions. We will MOBILize to meet this threat in the Persian GULF until an AMOCOble solution is reached. Our plan it to BPrepared. Failing that, we ARCOming to kick his ass. democracymeansyou.com

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