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Lord of the Rings tribute band forming.

Lord of the Rings tribute band forming.

There is a void in the San Francisco cover/tribute band circuit in need of filling. Do we really need another all girl AC/DC / 80's / Disco combo? Additionally, the musical realization of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth has recently been poorly represented at the hands of Peter Jackson. Do you really think after spending over 10 years creating an entire mythology from the ground up Tolkien would want some pussy shit like Enya as the soundtrack?

As far as a line up goes I'm thinking about something very similar to the actual original fellowship. 2 Humans, 1 Elf and 1 Dwarf. I know what what you're thinking, what about the Hobbits? Well I've thought long and hard about this. Having Hobbits in the band will be cost prohibitive. Half-lings or "little people" get tons of work doing acting gigs and fetish parties and stuff and as a result want some serious cash for their talents. Trust me, I've looked into this.

On the flipside I'm not adverse to the idea of having a wizard in the lineup. It shouldn't be too hard to find a taller guy and it would be pretty kick ass to have Gandalf the Grey for the first set, have him "fall into darkness" then become Gandalf the White for the second set...fuck yeah! So make that 2 Humans, 1 Elf, 1 Dwarf, and fucking Gandalf!

We'll need to augment the band with a killer crew. Hair, makeup, sword maker, catering and PA's (someone's got score some ale and pipe-weed from the Shire...LOL!) .

Before the line up (fellowship) is formed we'll need to sit down and come up with a sound and vision that really captures the Tolkien vibe. I know Robert Plant made some vague references to Mordor, the Misty Mountains and Gollum and what not, but we need to make this a hell of a lot more authentic than that. Hell, I'm thinking of having half the songs in Elvish!

So this is an open call to all musicians/L.O.T.R enthusiasts. Only the most dedicated need apply. No druggies! No flakes!

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