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I must be really bored today {G}....

OK, so I put the word "hung top" in there just to get most of your attention, because posting observation number one is:

#1: 85% of guys are bottoms. If you are a bottom, you better make no particular age, stat or race demands, just be happy to get ANY top guy to fuck you.

#2: 80% of the bottom guys are "needy", "hungry", "eager" and "need to get fucked now!" Preferably "pounded" by "huge tool(s)" - the more the merrier

#3: Most of the bottoms have "man pussy's" and "manholes" Oh, yum!

#4: There are also a few top postings, usually looking for "no strings", "smooth", "under 30", "skinny" and Asian (lucky Asian bottoms {lol}).

#5: These same tops are usually short, always at least 7.5 / 8 inches and always STD free (yeah, right!).

#6: Regulars. You might recognize these types of postings, since these guys post continuously throughout the day:

--->  6'2", 205lbs, 32, big, muscular, hung 8.5", active
---> Italian guy looking for men with big feet
---> Horny white guy, home alone in Pacific Heights
---> Horny white guy, top with the johnrully link to his pic
---> Top for Asian or Latino Bottom Boi
---> Mixed race top guy in the Mission
---> The "soccer stud"
---> Needs "his" hole stretched, please someday help him stretch his hole already!
---> Two guys looking for a third, one latin and one white
---> The young swimmer guy

etc., etc. I truly believe that there are only really about 25 guys on here constantly creating similar postings.

#7: What is up with all the "jocks"? Do these guys play any sports? Or, as I assume, do they go to the gym a 5X a week. Hey, look at me, I'm a jock! What's the word I'm looking for... oh, yeah, more like "Tinker Beef!" {G} lol

#8: Only around 7% of the guys on here are actually real and true to their postings. So, don't worry if you send your picture out a hundred times and never hear back from anyone - you really wouldn't want to see them in person anyway ;-)

I have many more observations, but I'm not as bored anymore so I need to go.

I sure hope Craig's List postings are not indicative of the greater gay SF population. But, thankfully, I doubt it, afterall I'm posting ;-)

Have fun out there!

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